Deconstruction or "Green Demolition" is among the most environmentally sound methods of demolition. Our well thought out process is designed  to reclaim and reuse materials for future projects.

How does it work?

We manage waste materials generated through demolition, scrap metals such as copper, carbon steel and aluminum are sized, sorted and recycled. Whenever possible, we crush concrete into various materials to reuse on construction sites. All "Green waste" (Trees, plants, shrubbery) are sent to facilities that will compost the materials. Bricks are shaved and palletized  when practical for sale and reuse.

We also use the latest demolition machinery, further stating our outstanding commitment to green demolition.


Disaster relief and emergency services

Rapid response time is crucial in an unexpected emergency. Here at the Jersey shore we know all to well that disaster can strike at a moments notice, Our team is fully equipped and ready! Emergency response procedures and implemented plans are updated as demands and situations dictate, insuring safety always.